West Palm Beach Air Duct Cleaning Scam

West Palm Beach Duct Cleaning Scam Machine

West Palm Beach Duct Cleaning Scam Machine

Most of the people in west palm beach spend at least 60% of their time indoors. However, indoor is not a safe haven from pollution.  Air duct in heating and cooling system is susceptible to dust deposits and other contaminants over a period of years.  Cleaning the air duct regularly is therefore essential to enhance the quality of indoor air.  There are numerous duct cleaning service providers in west palm beach and you should not assume that all service providers are knowledgeable and reliable. There are more chances to fall into the trap of air duct cleaning scams. The best defense against these scams is to get as many information about duct cleaning as possible.

Tips to avoid air duct cleaning scam in west palm beach:

Taking some simple steps can help you to avoid air duct cleaning scams.

  • It is not advisable to hire the air duct cleaning service provider, who makes far reaching claims about the health benefits you can achieve by getting the cleaning work done.
  • The service providers who suggest duct cleaning as a routine part of your heating and cooling system maintenance should be avoided. You need not arrange for air duct cleaning, unless any of your family members suffers from allergies or some other unusual symptoms and you see or experience some indications of air duct contamination like musty odor, visible dust and debris deposits in air duct, duct infested with pests or other microorganisms and so on.
  • You can avoid air duct cleaning scam by staying away from service providers in west palm beach who claim that they use equipment or chemicals certified by EPA. EPA has not yet established any duct cleaning standards.
  • It is important to check whether the service providing company has obtained a west palm beach license to offer such services. You should not assume that a company has enough level of expertise in the field, by merely seeing an advertisement. If you have any doubt, you need not hesitate to ask for references and to verify the company license.
  • If any service providers claim to offer air duct cleaning at extremely low prices, then the company may not be a legitimate one.
  • The air duct cleaners who force you to buy some additional services may be scams.
  • The service providers who pressurize you to hire their service without inspecting your system may not be reliable. You should stay away from them to avoid being a victim of air duct cleaning scam in west palm beach
  • It is not advisable to allow a service provider to use chemical biocides or treatments to clean air ducts, unless you have clear understanding of them.
  • You can check with the west palm beach local Better Business Bureau whether any complaints have been lodged against the air duct cleaning company you want to deal with.
  • It is important to ask the service provider about the procedures they will use to clean the air ducts. You need to confirm whether their procedures are safe to kids and pets in your home. Also ensure whether they have sufficient experience in the field of air duct cleaning.

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